Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another heads up alert

You have probably heard about the breach of many websites, their email, and other files over the past weekend.

Several big name businesses, banks, and other sites were hit and, among other things, email addresses were stolen.

Why is this important? you ask.

Well, folks are now beginning to get emails asking for their 'information' saying that there is a 'problem' and ….

Well you know the scam.

And you or someone you know may be one the folks who had their email address stolen.

Most businesses NEVER send emails like this sooooooo this is a heads up warning you to be verrrrrry careful about responding to any such emails. Chances are very high that these are bogus and someone is just trying to get your info for nefarious reasons.

Bottom line: Do NOT reply to such emails and do NOT provide info about account numbers, passwords, etc in reply to emails from supposed banks and businesses.

To read more about this breach HERE'S THE LINK