Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rob Bell and NOOMA

Yesterday we mentioned the ‘Emerging Church’ movement and gave you a link to a brief summary about it.

One of the Leaders of this movement is Rob Bell. 

Although there are many leaders in this movement, I mention Rob Bell because the other evening I watched a video which, among other things, mentioned Rob Bell and the errors of his teachings.

That video also stated that many many folks are reading his books and watching his videos (under the name of NOOMA) unaware that he is part of the Emerging Church and apparently undiscerning of the false teachings in his books and videos.

Just in case you might have been reading his books or watching the videos and were wondering why there seemed to be ‘something wrong’, this is to let you know that you were / are on the right track when you sensed something was ‘not right’.

In this particular situation, that of Rob Bell, his books and NOOMA videos, and other Emerging Church leaders, the reason you need to give him and them a wide birth is explained in this article. HERE’S THE LINK.