Friday, April 16, 2010

PIano Lessons with Chonda Pierce

Hopefully you have heard Chonda Pierce either in person or on video.  If so, you will enjoy hearing her again.

If not, you have a treat in store as she is a funny funny comedian.

This particular video tells of her Piano Lessons as a child and where they led her as a college student.

She says in other videos that her father was a pastor and her mother the Church Pianist and she adds that she was raised a Nazarene, married a Southern Baptist, and now goes to a Pentecostal church. 

With that by way of background, you will better understand the humor in these Piano Lessons and the comments she makes about her herself and her mother.

To listen to this 9 minute video, well really it is 8 minutes 59 seconds but you get the idea, HERE’S THE LINK.