Friday, April 9, 2010

Jurassic Park 3, the Movie

Hmmm. I missed that one.  But according to an article on the AIG website, it is ok that I did NOT see it. 

In fact, that article lists 7 reasons why one should NOT see it.

But, unfortunately this ‘warning’ is probably wayyyyyy too late and you and or your kiddos have probably already seen it as I think it came out in about 2001.  Wow, that was ages ago and your kids are probably in college (or out) by now.

Anyway, since you have probably already seen it. Alas.

But, you could at least consider removing the VHS or DVD you have of it from your collection (and other movies of similar ‘ilk’) so that your kiddos (or now grand kiddos) will not keep watching it.

But, guess what!  Apparently Jurassic Park 4 is in the making and is expected to be released in 2010.  Reportedly it is going to be the start of a new ‘trilogy’ of Jurassic Park movies.

So, the warnings that AIG stated for Jurassic Park 3 will likely apply to Jurassic Park 4. 

In other words, folks, we need to be very discerning about what we see and about what we let little kids see.  Yes, dinosaurs are interesting and exciting to little ‘kiddos’ but the evolutionary teaching in these movies is enough to pull the plug on their viewing.

So with all that said, in case you are wondering why this was NOT a good movie, HERE’S THE LINK