Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another great Astronomy picture

 I just love it when those drawings in the sky can actually be seen.

What drawings?  Well, those pictures of such things as Orion the Hunter, The big dog (Canis Major), Cassiopeia, etc.

I can never see them when I look at the sky.

But a recent picture on the NASA “picture of the Day” website has one that actually shows some of these.  And, it also points out some of those stars and clusters of stars that are so famous.

Some of those stars we have mentioned before here on this site. 

For example, you remember Betelgeuse.  Well it is in the picture, too. 

You are wondering where you heard of Betelgeuse?  Well, remember that awesome video we referenced several months ago.  Yes, that is where you heard about it.  I was going to link you to the video which you viewed (hopefully) several months ago. But, alas, it has been taken down from YouTube because of copyright issues.  So, I guess you will have to buy the video like I did. Sigh.

Anyway, take a look at this wonderful NASA Photo of the day. HERE’S THE LINK.