Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playing cards have another use

When I was a kiddo, my mother used to refer to Playing cards as ‘Spotty or spotted Cards’ and told of how she and others were not allowed to play with them.

Nowadays most card games such as solitaire are played on the computer with ‘electronic cards’ and almost everyone plays with them at one time or another.

But Playing cards (i.e. the real ones / the 'hard copy' ones) are still around and in addition to their usual uses in games, gambling, etc., there is another use that has progressed to new heights (pun intended).

What am I talking about? you ask.

Well, an interesting article on the net tells of an architect who makes model buildings and other things from Playing cards (the real ones not the electronic ones). 

The article includes 10 pictures of his amazing creations.  HERE’S THE LINK.