Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Has Noah’s Ark been Found?

Surely you have seen this news.  It is all over the internet.

Seems that a group of explorers from China and Turkey have found what they believe to be the real Noah’s ark !!

Apparently they found it a few years ago and have been doing tests, including radioactive dating (which suggests that it is about 4,800 years old). 

Based on their tests and investigations, they say they are 99.9% sure they have found the ark!

Wow.  If so, this is an amazing find.

To read about it, here are 2 of the many articles which tell of the find and show a few pictures and even a video.  HERE’S ONE LINK and HERE’S ANOTHER.


Alas, it seems that this may be another hoax !!! 

News reports as of April 29 are now saying this is another elaborate hoax and that this is not the real Noah's ark.  HERE'S THE LINK.