Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Read the Bible in a Year Plan

Yesterday we posted an entry about Jan 25 being the ‘most depressing day of the year’ (according to the Weather Channel folks). One of their reasons for so declaring the day ‘most depressing’ was that by Jan 25, most people had stopped with their various resolutions.

And speaking of resolutions, on January 3 of this year we encouraged you to Read the Bible through in 2010.

Perhaps you started then but now have quit. Or perhaps you never started at all.

But, regardless of which ‘category’ you fit, It is NOT too late to resume or to start.

There are many ‘read the Bible through in a year’ plans out there.

Some folks just start at Genesis 1 and read through the end of the Bible (Rev. 22). That is a wonderful plan. And you should do it that way every now and then.

Every now and then? What do you mean? you ask.

Well, guess what, a person really should read the Bible entirely through at least one time EVERY year!

One Time EVERY year !!! ? Why?

Because every time your read the Bible through, you see things that you never saw before. You will see things that God wants you to know relative to whatever life experience you are currently going through.

For example, if you have just been saved, you will see verses that help you grow in your new-found faith and life. If you have just taken a new job, or started school, you will find verses popping out that will help you in your work, education, etc. If you have just been married, or have gone through a traumatic event in your life (death of a loved one, etc), you will find verses that give you wisdom, comfort, etc.

You will be amazed to find that each time you read the Bible through that you see concepts, helps, thoughts, etc. that you had never noticed before.

So, you would be wise to make it a goal for the rest of your life to read the Bible through in its entirety at least once (and preferably more than once) each year!

So. as we mentioned, you can either start at Genesis 1 and read straight through to Rev. 22.

Or, you might from time to time want to try some ‘more complicated’ plans, such as reading from various chapters of various books on each day.

One very popular ‘more complicated plan’ method that many people have used for years is the one by Rev. R. M. M'Cheyne. HERE’S THE LINK