Thursday, January 28, 2010

Billions of People in Thousands of Years?

Perhaps you have wondered about the population of the earth. We keep hearing that there are too many people and that there is no room for more.

But then we hear that all the people of the world could be put shoulder to shoulder in Jacksonville Florida or they could be given a house and small plot of land and all become residents of Texas.

People with the "Evolutionary world view glasses" tell those with the “Young Earth of about 6000 years Glasses” that there is no way that we could have 6 1/2 to 7 billion people on earth in only 6000 years.

But the ‘Young Earth Glasses’ folks say, “if the earth is millions or billions of years old and people have been present for 50,000 or more years, how many people would there be now?”

So what is the truth? Do the population figures of today point to a young earth of about 6000 years or to an old earth origin?

Monty White, Ph.D has written an excellent and must read answer to this question. HERE’S THE LINK.