Friday, January 8, 2016

The Sabbatical is ending !

As many of you have noticed - the DITs ended abruptly in early January 2015 due to a fall resulting in several fractures of my left hand and wrist.

Obviously this realllly interfered with typing -- so the DITs had to stop.

Why for a whole year? you ask.

Wellllllll, for one thing -- when an OLD person breaks a bone (or in this case several bones), things do not heal fast.  In fact, the older you are, the longer the healing time takes.

All that to say -- since I am no longer 'young' -- even though my mind thinks I am -- the body knew I was 'old' so it took months and months and months to get out of the cast and then more months and months to get motion back  (and it is still not all back).

So, after about 6 or 7 months of this inability to type and post DITs, I decided to just take a Sabbatical for the rest of the year -- and to resume posting on the 'anniversary' of the accident -- which is today!

What is a Sabbatical? you ask.

Glad you asked because it is a very important concept - and Biblical at that.  In fact you might want to take one sometime -- but hopefully you will take it because you 'want' to and not because you 'have' to due to accident, injury, illness, whatever.