Thursday, January 28, 2016

J Harlen Bretz

Who is J Harlen Bretz ? you ask.

Well, that was a question a group of us asked several years ago when we were on an Answers In Genesis Field Trip out west (in Washington, Oregon, and other places).

While on that trip, in eastern Washington State, in a region known as the Scablands, our instructor told us about J Harlen Bretz (pictured here)  and how his discoveries and conclusions were initially ignored and ostracized for years and years.

But, finally, many many years after the fact, Scientists began to realize that he was correct after all.

Correct?  About What?

Well, his observations and conclusions were instrumental in understanding how the Scablands were formed.

A friend of DIT reminded me of J Harlen Bretz when she recently sent us this link to a website that tells about him and his discoveries.

You will learn a lot by reading this -- just as those of us on the tour did by seeing these things in 'real life'.

So, without further ado