Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Congratulations to The College Football Champion -- Alabama

Wow!  Another exciting football season has ended.

The Championship game has been played.

And the Winner is  Alabama 


You probably saw the very exciting game --  with the final score of 45 to 40.

But, guess what? -- what?

The winners didn't have long to celebrate, nor the losers to weep before the projections of the Top 25 teams for 2016 were out !  Isn't this a little fast????

Anyway, you will be interested in reading the list.  Perhaps your team is on it.

The article listing the 2016 Top 25 was written by one USA Today Sports Writer and the brief video which accompanies it is by another USA Today Sports Writer, who, interestingly, is the father of Baby Christopher.

Who is Baby Christopher? you ask.

Well, stay tuned.  Tomorrow you will find out.

But, In the meantime

Alas, there is a commercial before the video, but endure it -- it is worth it.