Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baby Christopher is not a baby any more. He is 6 years old !!!

Many of you go wayyyyy back as DIT readers.  If so, you remember the many DITs about Baby Christopher.

But some of you may be new to this website and are asking  "Who is Baby Christopher?"

Well, he was the little tyke born with a severe Congenital Heart Defect -- so severe, in fact, that when he was 2 months old he had to receive a Heart Transplant.

Then after being on Dialysis for 2 years, he had a Kidney transplant.

An unknown family provided the heart -- for which Christopher and all of his family and friends are most grateful.

The kidney was provided by his dad -- the person in the video for the article you read yesterday about the Football Championship game.

The picture you see posted here today is Christopher at age 6.  What a miracle this is.

God is Good!!!!

If you are not familiar with Christopher's story or want to refresh your memory, you can read some of the details as recorded in previous DIT's in the link below