Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walter Cronkite SK was a Ham

Two friends of DIT, who are Hams, recently upgraded their licenses to General.

So we thought that they, and you, would be interested in today's DIT about Walter Cronkite.

Walter Cronkite I know, you say.

But what is a SK?

And what is a ham?

Actually some of you may not know who Walter Cronkite is if you are young.

He was a very famous TV Newscaster for year and years and years.

I say 'was' because he is now a SK, which is 'ham talk' for "silent key" which means he has died and his (morse code and phone) key is now silent.

A 'ham', as you have figured out by now, is an Amateur Radio Operator.

So now you ask: What is an Amateur Radio Operator? What do they do?

This brief video produced by Walter Cronkite before his passing will explain.

I think you will find this verrrrry interesting and informative.

HERE'S THE LINK to Amateur Radio Today hosted by Walter Cronkite, SK