Monday, November 4, 2013

The Peleg Chronicles

Normally we do not recommend sites where a person has to pay to take advantage of its contents -- i.e. sites that sell stuff.

But, recently while reading the latest issue of Answers Magazine, we saw an article telling about the book series, "The Peleg Chronicles"

Seems that these are books mainly for Young folks but I would assume older folks and grandparents would enjoy them also.


Well, according to a review by Nigel Andreola of Christian Book Distributors

… they "read like fantasy novels, yet without magic spells, wands, and flying broomsticks. Instead, Scripture and prayer are revealed as the powerful tools needed to overcome the works of those who obey the evil one; to offer hope to our heroes in desperate times; and to give them boldness to share their faith along the way. God’s redemptive power is also plainly evident when even a sworn enemy can turn to the one true God ...A thrilling cliffhanger ends each story so be sure to read them in order.  …

And other reviews have similar glowing reports.

Bottom line -- you might want to consider giving these as Christmas gifts, for birthdays, or 'just because'.

To read more about these books and to find out how to get them,

HERE'S THE LINK to the website for The Peleg Chronicles