Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday by Beethoven? Bach? Mozart? - Nicole Pesce

Countless friends and family members have had birthdays throughout this year (including one just this week) and in our usual forgetful way most have gone unrecognized.

So, for all those folks, here are some really clever Happy Birthday renditions.

We will begin with Nicole Pesce but if you have time, other videos will follow as is often the case with YouTube things.

If you keep watching, next will be Zubin Mehta and orchestra playing many variations.

After that will be Victor Borge doing his hilarous renditions.

And more follow after those.  So, if you have time, keep listening.

All are clever, innovative, and wonderful.

Now, without further ado -- Happy Birthday to everyone who had or will have a Birthday this year (and, of course, that includes you).

HERE'S THE LINK to Happy Birthday songs by Nicole Pesce, Zubin Mehta, Victor Borge, and others