Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Messiah's Mansion

Recently we saw a big billboard advertising the Messiah's Mansion.

Then a friend of DIT called and said there was an article in his newspaper telling about it and suggested that we check it out.

So, we found the website.

And guess what, this is a full scale model of the Old Testament wilderness temple built by Moses and the Israelites.

It apparently goes around the USA and Canada annually.

Alas, only two cities remain for the 2013 season.  They are:

Chattanooga TN   Sept 28- Oct 6  
Appomattox, VA   Oct 12-20

If you live in or near either of those Cities, you should try to visit Messiah's Mansion.

But even if you can't see the Tabernacle in person, there are pictures and a video on the website.  

And you might want to bookmark the website and check back next year to see if it will be in an area near you.