Friday, October 18, 2013

Color for Life

Recently we visited folks who homeschool their kiddos.

One of the kiddos (a 6th grader) handed me a short paper he had just written as an assignment.

The assignment was to take a short paragraph on the topic of cephalopods.

Then, he was to add "dress-ups" to make the paragraph more exciting. 
The "dress ups" were: 

                    -ly adverb,   
                    a strong verb,  
                    who/ which clause,    
                    a because clause, 
                    a quality adjective,   
                    and words 
                    which were (where, when, while, as, since, if, although).

He wrote a very interesting and informative paragraph about cephalopods.

What was his article and what are cephalopods? you ask.

Well, to answer those questions --

HERE'S THE LINK to the paragraph about Cephalopods