Thursday, May 23, 2013

Woman finds dog in Tornado Rubble

You have heard about the devastating Tornado in Moore Oklahoma.

And, while, yes, there is devastation almost beyond belief, there have also been some 'good news' stories.

One really wonderful piece of good news is that the numbers of those who died during the tornado has been revised down!

Previously 51 deaths were reported, of which perhaps 24 were children.

Now the total number is said to be about 24 of which 9 were children.

While this is still verrrrrry sad, it is good news compared to the other numbers.

And here is another piece of good news.

Perhaps you have already heard about this and have seen the video.  

Even a friend of DIT sent us a link to it so it is going around and rightly so.

What is it?

Well, it is a touching story of a lady who lost her entire house and everything in it  --

and she thought she also had lost her pet dog.

But, wait.  Look what happens while she was being interviewed on TV about her loss.

Get out your kleenex and HERE'S THE LINK.