Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What happens when children die?

As you know, there have been several serious tornadoes lately including the one on Monday May 20, 2013 which destroyed innumerable homes, businesses, and several schools.

One Elementary School was destroyed with many children and teachers killed.  At the time of this posting the exact number is not yet known but it is being said to be at least 20 children and possibly more. 

So, you are likely asking, What happens when infants and young children  die?

And What happens when adults die?

Is there is a difference?


And it has to do with the "age of accountability."

Since the ages of the children, currently being reported on the news, are elementary school age, these children are now in Heaven with Jesus and oodles of other children and adults.

Is there any scripture to back this up? you ask.

Yes, and the answer is in 3 parts.  

Part 1 gives the big picture. HERE'S THE LINK 

Part 2 gives Scriptures from the Old Testament on the subject. HERE'S THE LINK  

Part 3 gives Scriptures from the New Testament and the conclusion. HERE'S THE LINK 

But, what about the adults who died?  Do they automatically go to heaven?


because for adults, i.e. those who have reached the "age of accountability," more is involved. 

So, for the answer to the question, what happens when Adults die, HERE'S THE LINK