Monday, May 6, 2013

Hold on to your phone or it can get stolen

A recent article tells about a CNN Anchor in Atlanta getting her phone stolen.  If you haven't seen the article HERE'S THE LINK.

It was a snatch, grab, and go thing which is becoming rather widespread, so much so in fact that there is a name for this.

What is the name? you ask.

Apple Picking.

And it happens not just to folks walking down the street --

Subway and Train riders and other folks in public places should also be aware.

And it is not just Smart Phones that are being 'picked'.  

The pickers / thieves  are also going after iPads, computers, and other small electronic devices.

A video posted on the net shows Apple Picking happening on a train.

Bottom line.  Be extra careful when you are using your iPhone, Smart Phone, or other small  electronic devices in public places.