Saturday, May 18, 2013

An Appeal to Churches to Use Bibles

Have you been to a church lately where Bibles are hard to find?

Sad to say, you probably have.

Indeed, a friend of DIT reported recently that the Hymnals have been removed from the pews of his Church.  

The removal of the Pew Bibles is probably next.

Instead, words of the songs and scriptures are projected on overhead screens.

Overhead projection removes the other verses of the songs (hymns are now almost non-existent) and only 7-11 songs are sung.

What are 7-11 songs?

They consist of 7 words repeated 11 times or some variation on the number but the concept is the same. Sigh

Projecting selected and often only partial Scripture verses results in important context being removed.

Then when you look around at the audience, you notice that very few or no Bibles belonging to the congregation are visible.

Sadly this is not rare but has become the norm for most Churches in America today.

An article by Jim Eliff considers this as he tells why this has happened and the ramifications.

You will find this most enlightening.  

Indeed we are posting this on Saturday so you can print out the article and discuss it in your Bible Study Group or Sunday School class on Sunday.