Friday, May 31, 2013

Huge dragon flies due to high oxygen levels

This most interesting article was the result of research by folks wearing the Old Earth Evolutionary glasses.

The Scientists doing this research equated their findings with what they thought happened 300 million years ago, aka the Paleozoic era.

Seems that during that 'era' there were realllllly big dragonflies.

The Scientists said they were big because of much higher Oxygen levels 300 million years ago.

And, yes, it is true, higher oxygen levels can result in much larger trees, plants,  animals, insects, birds, and other critters.

But, put on your Young Earth Glasses and consider that the reallllly big dragonflies
did not live 300 million years ago.

Consider that they lived in the time between Creation and the Biblical Flood of Noah.

Many many animals and plants were realllly big during that era, which, of course, those wearing the Old Earth Evolutionary Glasses say never happened.

But what if that era did happen (the time between Creation and the Flood)

Then, those reallllly big dragon flies could have grown big then instead of 300 million years ago.

By the way, how do scientists decide how many millions of years ago something happened when there is only recorded history for about the last 5000 or 6000 years?  Just a thought.

Anyway, put on the Young Earth Glasses as you read this article and see if the findings are really confirming the veracity of the Bible and the conditions that existed on earth before the Flood.