Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Green Flash

No, this is not the name of a comic book or movie character.

It is a brief but very beautiful and unusual thing that can sometimes been seen at sunrise and sunset.

I have tried and tried to see this several times in the past but never succeed.

But a friend of DIT did see it recently and sent an email telling of the experience.

She said she was at the beach and "watched the sun set, hoping against hope that I would see the fabled "green flash".  

She added: "I had no clue as to what it might look like, but I expected something like a sliver around the top of the sun, or a blight flash like lightening.  It was neither."

This is how she described it: "As the last bit of glowing sun dipped into the ocean, a magnificent, brilliant, iridescent Emerald Green rectangle appeared over the top of the vanished sun and hung there for 1-2 seconds.  It was a true gift from God, and I suspect it is the same color that surrounds His throne."

Then she asked: "Does someone have a good explanation for this phenomenon?"

Well, good old Wikipedia to the rescue.  It has an article telling about the "Green Flash", what causes it, and even has some pictures including the one pictured today which was taken by Brocken Inaglory.  HERE'S THE LINK

And If you would like to see even more pictures of this amazing but rarely viewed phenomenon and how to safely view it, HERE'S THE LINK