Thursday, October 18, 2012

A book to NOT read

From time to time, as you know, we recommend books, videos, movies, etc. that we  think you will find helpful, interesting, informative.

And, from time to time we mention books, videos, movies, etc. that we do not recommend.

Today is one of those times when we want to give a heads up about a book that has become popular again and is being offered for sale by several groups that are usually 'right on' in their resources.

But this time -- well, not so fast -- not so good.

So What is this book? you ask.

Well, wayyyyyyy back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there was a book that was widely read by many Christians.  It was even written by a Christian.

It is titled "Earth's Earliest Ages" by George H. Pember.

The trouble is  -- that at the time he (George H. Pember) was writing this book, the world view of many Christians (including Pember) was that of the Gap Theory.

Indeed, the world view of those now resurrecting and selling the book is also that of the GapTheory.

Why does this matter?

Bottom Line -- Because this theory is not compatible with the Literal teaching of the Bible.


Well, we found two (of many) articles that will give you the details as to why. They also address other similar theories that are incorrect and about which you need to be informed.

For article one, HERE'S THE LINK

And for article two, HERE'S THE LINK