Thursday, October 25, 2012

Answers Magazine

By the way, in case you are wondering -- that article about Bent Rock Layers that was the subject of yesterday's DIT, came from an awesome magazine.

What is this awesome magazine? you ask.

Well it is "ANSWERS" and is published 4 times a year by Answers In Genesis.

From time to time AIG posts articles from that magazine on their website.

And when they do, we usually hop upon it and post it on DIT so you can read the powerful information these articles provide.

But, you know what?


You really need to subscribe to this magazine because 

there is a lot more in each issue that just never gets posted but which you will find very informative and which will help you understand things in a way you wish you had been taught when you were in school.

The article you read yesterday was from the most recent issue which covered the topic "Ten Best Evidences".

It just arrived in mailboxes about a week or so ago.

You realllllly need to consider subscribing to this magazine. To find out how, HERE'S THE LINK