Monday, October 15, 2012

Flood Geology Part 1

 AIG (Answers in Genesis) has produced an excellent video about Flood Geology.

It explains many of the rock formations, earth layers, and other features that you have surely noticed and about which you have likely wondered.

This video is one which can be purchased but AIG from time to time puts their videos on line so you can see them without purchasing.

When they do this they usually break them into segments as they have done in this instance.

In this case the entire video is almost an hour long so they divided it into two 29 or so minute segments.

So, today, let's look at part 1.

Tomorrow we will look at part 2.

One problem, but you being smart folks can adapt easily.

It seems that the link that I found said it would go to part 1 BUT when you click on the link I will give you in a few seconds, it takes you to a page that says Part 2.

But do not despair, on that page you will see clickable links to Part 1 and Part 2 so, yes, you guessed it, click on part 1 and watch.

Tomorrow, Click on part 2 (if you don't do them both today) and continue the video.

I think you will find this a verrrrrry informative video which will begin to clear up a lot of the strange things you have been seeing in road cuts, river beds, etc. etc. etc.

So, with that said, to view Part 1, HERE'S THE LINK