Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Mini Concert

Years ago several DIT-readers that we know were 'into' Minis.

Minis?  Yes, those teeny tiny cars that many folks think are sooooooo cute.

These intrepid DIT-ers had Minis and the stories they tell about what they did with them and where they ended up (such as on the stage of the auditorium while they were in college) are amazing.

By the way it was the drivers of the Minis that were in college, not the Minis, lest you be deceived about the talent of these little cars.

But, these little cars do seem to have a very special talent.  -- which is the reason for the DIT today.

What is this talent? you ask.

Well, besides being 'cute' and gas-sippingly fuel efficient (or so they say), they have another talent.

Yes. It seems they have a musical talent that is a hoot -- or maybe that should be a honk.

Har de har har.

Anyway, check out this 1 minute 15 second video.  It is a honk / hoot.  HERE'S THE LINK