Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meanwhile at the Kangaroo animal sanctuary

There is a member of our family (and you know who you are) who really liked Kangaroos when he was a kid.

He even had a stuffed red and white striped kangaroo that he took with him everywhere -- even on our family vacations.

Don't worry.  He was a very little kid at the time and probably doesn't even know where that stuffed kangaroo is today.

Anyway, that kangaroo led the perfect stuffed animal life.  

In fact, the kid even took a paper sack of air from our home town with him on trips out of town and would open the sack from time to time, put the kangaroo's head in the sac,  and let the kangaroo 'breathe' that 'home town air'.


Those were the days.

But, guess what!  

There is a real live kangaroo that is almost as spoiled and pampered.

Check out this hilarious brief video of a kangaroo in repose.  HERE'S THE LINK.