Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things you can clean in a Dishwasher

Recently a group of DIT folks went on a vacation.

It was fun, of course,

But we encountered a very odd thing in one of the hotels --

What odd thing? you ask.

Well, it was one of those places that has a little kitchen as part of the room.  And, in that kitchen, along with the fridge and stove was a dishwasher.

What is odd about that?

Well, it seems that one of us used ONE glass to drink some water and left in on the counter.

Seems normal so far.  

Yes, but, here is the odd part.  

The next day, when returning to the room, it was made up beautifully as rooms should be --

But, on looking in the dishwasher, we noticed that the ONE Glass had been washed and was there in the dishwasher -- clean, sparkling, and dry !!

ARG !  What a waste of water. However, at least we could be comforted in knowing that there were no germs.  Yayyyy to that.

Anyway, with that by way of background, we recently found a very interesting article about 10 unusual things that can be washed in a dishwasher (just don't do it one at a time).