Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flying over America

Recently we viewed a video of views of the earth as seen from the space station. 

See the Aug 22, 2012 DIT if you missed it.

Several folks sent an email telling us that they enjoyed that video.

Sooooooo, since that was a 'hit', you and they will probably like this video today, the link to which was sent to us by a friend.

What is it?

Well, this time we will be seeing a 5 minute 44 second video of views made while flying over the United States.

No, we won't be high in the sky as from the space station.  Nor will we be in a high tech flying apparatus.

Instead we will be flying in a much smaller low tech plane that will often be very low (pun not intended) to the ground.

Wow. Super fun. You are going to love this.

IT is titled "Flying over America" and is amazing. HERE'S THE LINK