Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fire Ants Survival Skills

Hmmmm. Survival Skills of Fire Ants.  Not something that I personally would want to happen.  

After all they are scary and dangerous.

But, they DO have amazing Survival Skills.

What am I talking about?

Well, seems that 2 friends of DIT read an article in a newspaper and mentioned it to us.  They correctly thought this would be something that DIT readers would find interesting.

Fire Ants!

They are not native to the US.  They were brought (don't ask me why) from Brazil in the 1930s and have survived and flourished since their arrival.

Fiercer and much more aggressive than 'normal' ants, they cause painful bites to humans and do a lot of damage to plants.

But the reason we are mentioning them today is because of one of their very impressive survival skills.

Seems that when there is too much water, such as in a flood, and they are flooded out of their underground homes, they don't die.


Because they have found an amazing way to survive.

They, the colony, work together to form a floatable raft onto which they load their queen which they then protect until the waters subside.


Of course, evolutionists would say this is just something that happened by accident.


Read this article, written of course, from an 'old earth' viewpoint, and ask yourself if this amazing survival skill just happened by chance or if it was programmed in them by their Creator.    HERE'S THE LINK

But don't stop with that link to the article.

To see a video of how they do this, HERE'S ANOTHER LINK.

You need to click both links to get the full impact of what these Ants can do.

And if you want to know still more about the horrors of Fire Ants, HERE'S STILL ANOTHER LINK.