Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Waterphone

Some of you may be 'creepy movie' affectionados but since that word doesn't seem to be in my Computer dictionary, perhaps that is not the word to use.  So let me restate this ...

Some of you may be 'creepy movie' fans.

There, is that better?

Anyway, 'creepy movies' not being my thing, this particular video has been on the 'back burner' for a few weeks.

But, now, at last, it can be 'released' for you 'creepy movie fans' and for those who aren't such fans but are aware that creepy movies exist.

So, where do the creepy movie sounds come from? you ask.

Well, perhaps you didn't ask that and really never questioned the origin of the sounds.  You just heard them and felt 'creepy'.

But, these creepy sounds have a most interesting and unusual source with several different sizes and variants but, overall, are mostly similar in appearance and function.

Today's DIT will show you one of those instruments.

So with that said by way of 'introduction', to hear 1 minute 24 seconds of 'creepy noises' and to see if any are familiar.  HERE'S THE LINK

And if you want to know more about the Waterphone and some of the other variants, HERE'S A LINK