Monday, August 8, 2011

BMX Triple Backflip

Several DIT readers have grey hair or are 'first borns' and would never think of doing such a risky thing in 'real life' --

So today's DIT video will be a 'hair raiser' for them and possibly for the rest of you.

What is it this time? you ask.

Well, like Evel Knievel and other daredevils of old, another daredevil has done an amazing and scary thing.

This time it is a Triple Backflip on his BMX Bike.

Not a motorcycle bike like Evel usually used but a bicycle bike.

And thanks to the ability to have a camera on the rider's helmet, you, too, can experience the event as if you were the rider.

So, put on your virtual helmet and join the fun vicariously.  HERE'S THE LINK