Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Sunday Worship Video

A video was recently posted on the web that won an "Editors Picks" award.

Doubtless the Editors picked it because of the beauty and amazing scenes.

But, actually, this video could also be viewed as a time of Worship.

Those who think that what is seen in this video just happened by chance (evolution) should think again.

Those who know that the real source of the beauty depicted in this video is The Creator God Himself will gain another glimpse into His Creative Majesty.

Alas, there is a short commercial preceding the video, as is often the case.  And there are other videos with commercials which automatically load after the "Editors Picks" video ends so it would be best that you stop the video when it ends because, to tell you the truth, the ones that follow are sadly NOT worth watching.

So with that by way of introduction and warning ---

To view the 3 minute 8 second video accompanied by quiet piano music as an excellent way to Worship and Thank the Creator God on this Sunday, HERE'S THE LINK