Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big pictures of Tiny insects

 A reader of DIT sent this link.

What is it?

A link to pictures of verrrrrry small insects, bugs, mites, and other scary 'itsy bitsy' creatures.

These pictures seem to be made with a super powerful lens and  serious magnification --

Which means that these are going to be reallllly scary looking.

Good thing that these little 'buggie' things do not have mirrors in their houses. At least I assume they don't have mirrors, though they might have looked into ours --

Or, they could look at their reflections in a water drop or whatever.

However, since "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", perhaps they think they look great and it is those big bad humans who keep trying to squish them that are the ugly ones.

Oh, well.

But one thing you will surely notice and admire about these tiny tiny creatures is the details and precision of their parts. 

This is one more 'key' to understanding that these amazing parts and creatures (ugly to us or not) did not just happen by chance / evolution. 

They exhibit obvious design and purpose by The Creator God.

Ok, ready to see these tiny creatures with the amazing details?  Then, HERE'S THE LINK