Sunday, August 7, 2011

New shipping routes over the North Pole

This is not really new news. Actually the article was posted on the internet in the summer of 2010 but we at DIT just never got around to mentioning it until now.

So, why bring this up now? you ask

Well, the article itself is not the important thing here so 2011 vs. 2010 is not the key thing.

What is important is the correlation that is apparent.

What correlation?

Well, the article to which we will link you -- tells how the ice over the Arctic had melted enough in 2010 so that seagoing vessels could go from Russian and other ports directly to ports in China without stopping.

So what is so amazing about this?

Well, of course this is good news for shippers in that they do not have to go so far to get their 'stuff' from here to there.

But, what is really significant is that this route reveals how people could and probably did travel to various places around the world after the Tower of Babel dispersion.

You see, for a few hundred years after the flood, the Arctic Ocean was not ice covered and icebound.

Rather, it was open water and could be readily sailed.

Thus, the routes from Europe to the Orient could be sailed over the 'top' of the world instead of 'round robin hood's barn' of crossing large land masses such as Russia and the N. American Continent in addition to crossing the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

So, for several hundred years after the flood (of Noah) and the tower of Babel dispersion until the arctic froze over during the ice age, a similar situation likely existed as is beginning to occur again today -- i.e. ships could sail over the Arctic Ocean with no ice problems.

During that time folks could hop aboard boats and travel across the North Pole region (and probably across the South Pole region also if the truth were known although the ice at the south pole is actually covering land and is not a frozen sea as is the arctic) thereby cutting mega miles and much time off travel around the globe.


Interesting.  And another evidence that the Bible events really happened. Imagine that!

Anyway, to read about what is going on in the Arctic now, while you think about what likely happened during the years after the Flood and after the Tower of Babel dispersion when there was no ice at all, HERE'S THE LINK