Monday, July 11, 2011

Yoga in Times Square on the Summer Solstice

June 21 was the Summer Solstice.

For most folks it was a relative non event and was just a day that came and went albeit it was the longest day of the year so likely many took advantage of that extra daylight.

But for many others, who practice Yoga, they gathered in New York Times Square for the day and did their Yoga.

What about Yoga?

Is it harmless?  Is it only exercise?

Why did these folks fill Times square as they 'do' their Yoga?

And why did they choose the Summer Solstice day at the 'time' to do it?

To read about this event in case you hadn't heard, HERE'S THE LINK

Hmmmm. Perhaps there is more to Yoga than 'meets the eye'.

Many folks including Christians are now 'into' yoga.  But should they be?

An article on Ron Carson's website addresses the question about Christians and Yoga.  HERE'S THE LINK