Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Christopher update

For those of you who have been following the 'adventures' of Baby Christopher, here is some realllllly good news.

Baby Christopher, you will recall, is a little tyke who was born with multiple severe heart defects

…Soooo severe that he had to have a heart transplant shortly after birth.

Then, further complications ensued including total renal failure.

Thus, for almost his entire life (he is now about 1 ¾ years old) his new heart has been working wonderfully (and still is) but he has had to be on peritoneal renal (kidney) dialysis.

The dialysis now takes about 12 hours a day -- every day !

A renal transplant was, therefore, in his future but 'when' has been the question.

You see, he had to be big enough for an adult kidney.

Well, good news.

His mother has just posted an update on Caring Bridge about the 'latest'.

I know you will want to read it and rejoice with the family.  HERE'S THE LINK