Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ah, email has struck again.

And this was just tooooooo cute as well as thought provoking to not share with you.

What is it this time? you ask.

Well, it has cute cartoon characters and I know there are folks who visit this site who are really 'into' cartoons.

But this is not your typical cartoon with the panels and all.

However, it does have cute cartoon characters and a really good message.

It reminds me of the old old joke of the Princess Potato who wanted to marry Walter Cronkite. 

When she went home to tell her parents, King and Queen Potato, they objected strenuously and said she couldn't marry him.

When she asked why, they replied: "because he is a ….

(are you ready for this?)

"You can't marry him", they said, "because he is a 'commontater' !!!!"

Har de har har.

Well, with that by way of introduction, to see more very interesting potatoes with a very interesting messages, HERE'S THE LINK