Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Lamp in the Dark

We have company here at DIT this week and amongst other things, in our spare time, we watched several videos.

The video we watched yesterday was one that was featured previously on this DIT site and it is so outstanding that it needs to be mentioned again.

What is it? and why did we watch it? you ask.

Well, it is entitled "A Lamp in the Dark -- The Untold History of the Bible" --

It is a must see for everyone and especially for those who love the Bible and are interested in knowing the history of the Church and how the Bible became available to the 'common man'.

Indeed this is such a 'must see' video that we mentioned it on a previous DIT back in April.

But you and your family might have been busy then and didn't have time to view it.  So we are mentioning it again now that it is summer when folks usually have more free time.

As noted on the back cover of the DVD case: "A Lamp in the Dark is an exciting documentary that shows the intriguing history of the Bible.  Enter into a world of saints and martyrs battling against spies, assassins, and wolves in sheep's clothing.

"… Learn about the sacrifice of men like John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale, and others, who hazarded their lives to communicate the Bible in languages people could understand. …"

On Dec. 10, 2010, Gary Stearman, of Prophecy in the News, interviewed Chris Pinto, the Writer and Director of the DVD.  

That interview is available on the internet and as you watch it, you will understand why this is a must see DVD.

To watch the 32 minute interview, HERE'S THE LINK