Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cartoons are not always funny or correct

Many folks are really 'into' cartoons and read several of them first thing daily.

And some cartoons, as we all know, are not really meant to be funny but, rather, to educate.

Some of the 'education' is 'ok'  and / or harmless ---

While other times the 'education' is intentionally misleading, incorrect, and intended to change one's worldview.

This means, of course, that, just as with other things (movies, books, speakers, etc) you can't just put your mind on 'cruise' and fail to evaluate and critique the concepts being presented.

A recent example of misinformation in a cartoon was observed and reported by AIG (Answers In Genesis) which noticed significant errors and distortions in  a Doonesbury cartoon.

Perhaps you saw the cartoon and noticed the errors.

In case you did not see the cartoon, you can find it AT THIS LINK

And now, having seen the cartoon, you will appreciate this brief article which describes the cartoon's errors.  HERE'S THE LINK