Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Unique Connection between 3 SEC Basketball Coaches

Speaking again of Basketball, as we were doing yesterday, here is another Basketball related topic.

Even those of you who follow the sport intensely may not know about this (I know it was new to me) so we want to share this with you today.

If you are at all familiar with College Basketball, you have likely heard of Florida Coach Billy Donovan, Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey, and Alabama's Anthony Grant.

It seems that beside being Basketball coaches, they have another very important thing in common.

Yes, they are all SEC Basketball coaches now at different Colleges.

But several years ago they were all three coaching at the University of Florida.

And, while at Florida they developed …"one of the strongest, most unique bonds in all of sports"…

What is that bond? you ask.

Here is a 'clue'. 

The article you are about to read is titled: "Billy Donovan's Secret Sorrow."

To read about what happened and why they have this sad and unusual bond, HERE'S THE LINK