Friday, January 21, 2011

Cells, Cuckoo birds, an Earth-Sized Exoplanet, and more

These topics were reported recently in various news reports.

You may have seen some of them and wondered, "What is the real story?"

Well, good news.

DId you know that every week the AIG website evaluates various scientific, archaeological, and other interesting and significant news items such as these.

And, they evaluate these reports from a Biblical perspective.

Wow. How great.

If you are not aware of these excellent weekly evaluations, you need to be.

And speaking of being aware, are you aware that all cuckoo clocks (such as those shown in today's picture) imitate the call of the common cuckoo bird?

Wow. Aren't you glad you come to the DIT for such Daily Interesting Things.  Har dee har har.

Anyway, though that fact (about the clocks) was not included in AIG's evaluation, (I  just threw it in for 'free'), you will want to visit the AIG site weekly (or preferably more often) to read the 'latest'.

As an example, to read the "News to Note" section for Jan 15, 2011, which talks about  cells, the cuckoo bird, the exoplanet, and more, HERE'S THE LINK