Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is "Junk DNA" really useless ?

Yesterday we referenced a Daily Devotional entry from ICR's Quarterly Days and Praise booklet.

And we suggested that you sign up to receive the Free Days and Praise Devotional Booklets.

Those of you who did that probably noticed that when you sign up you will also get a Free Monthly Acts and Facts Magazine.

In case you are wondering what kinds of things you will discover in the Acts and Facts Magazine, the article we are referencing today came from one of those Magazines.

This particular article briefly discusses several interesting facts about the complexity of Cells and their DNA. 

Oh oh, I can hear you say as you worry  that this will be toooooo technical.

Well, don't panic, there is no technical gobbledygook.  All their articles are written so we 'ordinary' folks can understand.

So you will learn interesting facts about Cells, DNA, and more.

This short article also provides very important information about the so called "Junk DNA."

Turns out that "Junk DNA" is not useless "junk" after all.