Friday, January 7, 2011

The Hypersocialized Generation

Sunday Dec 19, 2010 we listened to and or read a profound talk by Dr. Mohler answering the question: “Why does the universe look so old?”

If you viewed the video, you know that Dr. Mohler is an excellent and well informed speaker.

You may have also noticed that at the Ligonier Conference he also gave a short talk about the ‘Hypersocialized Generation.’

It seems that the youth of today and even many adults are, as you know, really ‘into’ ‘multitasking’ with their Ipods, texting, watching tv, working on the laptop, and more.

Is this ok?

Or is this a problem?

You will be interested in Dr. Mohler’s observations and comments. They are most enlightening and informative.

This is a ‘must hear’  35 minute video.  HERE’S THE  LINK