Saturday, April 29, 2017

Today is National Bird Watching (Birding) Day

 Well, as you know, cats watch birds all the time --

And they are not doing it for the same reason that Birders do!

Birders?  What is that? you ask. 

Well Birders are folks who have the hobby of observing as many birds as they can.

And, guess what, today is National Bird Watching day.

And even if you are not a birder, get outside and see what you can see.

You just might be amazed.

If you don't know how or what to do, we found a cool website with lots and lots of  information that will assist you in this fun activity.

And just because today is the 'official' day to check out the Birds, remember this is an activity that can keep you interested and busy the entire year.

So, with that by way of introduction --

HERE'S THE LINK to the How To's of Birding