Monday, April 3, 2017

Texting while Driving

You probably heard of the terrible accident in Texas last week.

A pickup truck collided with a Church van.

13 People in the van were killed.

The driver of the pickup and one person in the van survived.

Reports are now indicating that the cause of the accident was because the driver of the pickup truck was texting.

We have been told repeatedly to NOT text and drive.  Indeed in some states it is a crime to text and drive.

However most people think they can text and drive with no problem.  Is this accurate?

Well actually, NO.

The link today is to a short video showing a driver driving while texting.  Notice how many times there is almost an accident until ---

HERE'S THE LINK to the It can wait Driving Simulation

And if perchance you are on an iPad or smart phone and that link didn't work, CLICK HERE