Monday, April 10, 2017

Passover (Pesach) begins today

Passover this year is from April 10 through 17. 

It begins with the Seder Supper.

So What exactly is Passover?

Well, Passover celebrates the departure (exodus) of the Jewish Nation from Egypt after about 400 years of living in Egypt, most of that time in slavery.

If you are rusty on those events, check out the Biblical account in Exodus 12. HERE'S THE LINK

The Passover Super observed at the time of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is now observed annually as a memorial of that miraculous Exodus.

It reveals not only reminders of that past event --

but it also reveals significant types / prophetic pictures pointing to future events.

There are many things eaten and done during the Seder Supper, each with significant symbolism.

Today we are linking to a very interesting and informative video by David Brickner, the Director for the Jews for Jesus Ministry. It was presented at a Church worship service and explains what the various elements of the Seder supper commemorate --

but more importantly -- it explains what the various elements and activities reveal as prophetic pictures.

Whether you are a Christian or a Jew --this is definitely a must watch video.  So carve out some time (about 26 minutes) and prepare to learn a lot.

HERE'S THE LINK to Christ in the Passover.