Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"The Station" by Robert J. Hastings

Recently while visiting in a Doctor's Office, we saw a very interesting plaque on the wall.

What was it?

Well, it is not a picture but rather a very short and insightful  article written by Robert J. Hastings, titled "The Station".

Who was he?  And why did we pay attention to the plaque.

Well, Robert Hastings was a good friend of the father of several DIT'ers.

Mr Hastings also has a radio program titled "Tiny Town Tales" on BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network).  If you ever have a chance to hear it, be sure to listen.

It is a short short program in which he tells stories about a tiny town somewhere in the USA.  If you have ever lived in a tiny town, you will surely relate and enjoy.

But I digress --

Both the father and Mr. Hastings are now in heaven (though the "Tiny Town Tales" program lives on since it was recorded.)

And the words he wrote on the plaque also live on.

Since the words on the picture of the plaque shown here are likely too small for you to read, we found a website that has posted the words.

I think you will find this most encouraging and self-explanatory

HERE'S THE LINK to The Station by Robert J. Hastings

And if you would like to print it out, this link is very good.